Self-Esteem Empowerment Journal For Children With Dyslexia

Did you know???

30% of children with dyslexia say they feel stupid

30% feel less intelligent than their peers

50% said they would swap places with someone in a second if they could…

Help your child increase their self-esteem and embrace their unique gifts and talents!


This dinosaur can’t believe it: He’s found something amazing… an incredible gift! What is it?

Dex’s new skills are about to go down in prehistoric history. In fact, he’s stomping with joy about the unbelievable power he’s discovered. And if you follow him on his journey, he’ll share everything he knows to help you do it too!

Do you have the same awesome ability?

Dex Discovers His Superpower is an inspirational journal for children with dyslexia. Meticulously crafted by experienced educator and author April Coggins to follow a curious dinosaur’s journey, youngsters are presented with interactive challenges and engaging stories. And as your kids explore their feelings about the different way they process the written word and grow their self-esteem, they’ll soon be brimming with confidence and faith in their own abilities.

In Dex Discovers His Superpower: An Inspirational and Interactive Journal for Children with Dyslexia, you’ll discover:

  • Themed content to use over 25 weeks, with each week only taking 10-15 minutes to help your child stay focused
  • Beautiful illustrations and layout designed to encourage young ones to express themselves creatively
  • Clever questions aimed at enabling kids to figure out for themselves that they have many useful skills and talents
  • Immersive stories that will excite and inspire them
  • Ways to help them build resilience, create a positive view of themselves, and much, much more!

Dex Discovers His Superpower is a delightful and important resource to address the emotional needs of children with dyslexia ages 5-10. If you like passionate expert insights, charming motivational stories, and easy-to-use exercises, then you’ll love April Coggins’s celebration of difference.

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A Daily Journal to help children build self-confidence and gratitude



In just 3 minutes a day, children with dyslexia can empower themselves and cultivate a habit of gratitude. The journal is very kid-friendly and specifically designed for children with dyslexia. There is ample room to draw pictures rather than write, and there are word banks provided with lists of positive character traits and empowering sayings for the children to choose from.

How it works:

Just 3 steps each day…

Each week, children choose a positive saying to start their day and to say to themselves if they get frustrated or face challenges. These are designed to boost self-esteem and reinforce to kids the idea that they have control over how they feel. The journal also has daily pages where children are invited to engage in various activities.

Each day a child is asked to:

1.Draw 3 things they are grateful for
2.Draw something they did that day that they are proud of
3.Give themselves an award for a positive character trait they exhibited.

These activities are designed to help children end their days on a positive note and create an opportunity for a thoughtful and motivating dialogue between a parent or caregiver and a child. Studies show that positive reinforcement and positive thinking, while important to all children, are even more important for children with dyslexia who can often feel discouraged.


With the simple steps outlined in the journal, in just a few minutes a day, children can not only increase their self-confidence but also gain an appreciation for the many good things in their life and see just how awesome they really are!


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